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Standard Art Display’s team is formed by a group of professionals with 40 years of success in the design and production of PLV materials.

Our technical and commercial team will be in charge of receiving and transmitting your needs from the briefing and our designing department will present you with functional solutions adapted to your budget.
In addition to this, we offer you Stand Art Display’s added value: the creativity and originality of the PLV element which will make your product stand out in terms of the competence in the Point of Sale, so we can attain the final goal of your brand: increase your sales

For Standard Art Display each project is a professional challenge.

the study of our client’s needs is required in order to choose the appropriate materials, to create an attractive and functional design which will allow you to get the result you imagined

Starting with the client’s approved prototype and once all the functional and design aspects are analyzed, the mass production starts and the final product must always meet the high standards set by quality controls in order to ensure an excellent final product within the deadline.

Stand Art Display is in the process of obtaining the certificates of quality management ISO 9001.

In Stand Art Display we are aware of the importance of the added value.

That is why- thanks to our partners- we are able to do national and international distribution of our client’s products, we also offer the assembling and implementation service in the Point of Sale.

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